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About Tops with Collars!

the quirky man project noel salazar

Hey readers! First of all, happy new year! I know it’s been a while since I last updated the blog. Well, November and December and actually January have been quite whirlwind months. It’s actually just kind of winding down right now, which is why I have the time to update now. Yay! And so the first thing I will write about to start the year is… guess what?

About tops with collars.

Yep, you read that right. Why about tops with collars? Just for the record I’m not a fashionista, I’m not a fashion blogger, but ever since I entered the wedding industry, I had to start wearing them button downs, because you know, you don’t want to look like a slob during formal occasions, and you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Also, you want to show your clients that you respect their event enough to dress up for it, so they’ll start respecting you too. 😀 And you know, if you want to start the year off in a big way, one is by investing in what you look like, especially if you’re getting older and older like me (UGH), and you want to age gracefully, instead of looking like that guy who never got past college… or something. XD

I’m a big t-shirt guy, to be honest. I mean, I hated collars because from grade school all the way to high school, I was in a uniform with a collar, but when I started working, I realised that any guy would look more respectable, more fresh, more clean, more… well you get my point, if they had that collar. As long as it’s not just the collar, then leave the body bare or something. Get my drift? XD Oh and of course, you have to make sure that the color, length, and fit match your body type; otherwise, you’ll have the very complete opposite effect. XD

So, let’s start with long sleeves. These I usually wear to weddings… well, most of them. Haha. XD

the quirky man project noel salazar

This is from Cotton On, I bought this one in Malaysia, because it’s cheaper, and it’s because I was there at that time (DUH). It’s yellow too! I wear this actually for more rugged occasions, as it screams casual; looks good with jeans or black pants. See, lesson 1: not all long sleeves can pass as formal clothes. XD

the quirky man project noel salazar

This is also from Cotton On. I like the color, and the fact that it has a pattern, which is good for a quirky guy like me. I hate boring tops. XD This on the other hand looks like it can pass as something more formal. XD

the quirky man project noel salazar

This is from Springfield, a gift from the wife. I like it cause it’s orange, and has awesome patterns. XD And it can pass for formal or rugged too!

the quirky man project noel salazar

Every guy needs a basic white top. And you don’t even have to look for branded stuff for a nice polo. This one I picked up from SM Department Store. Pair it with a nice tie, or roll up the sleeves, and you’re ready to go. 😀

But wait, what if it’s the summer season, or it’s hot, or you just don’t feel like rolling up sleeves? Well, that’s why we have tops with collars that have short sleeves! 😀

the quirky man project noel salazar

Here’s one sample from Uniqlo. 😀 It’s a nice bright color, and it’s short sleeves, and you can wear this with funky pants this time. 😀

the quirky man project noel salazar

Here’s another Springfield, another gift from the wife. 😀 It has a bunch of nice happy colors! 😀 And it can even pass for slightly more formal occasions. 😀

But wait, you ask, what if wearing button downs can actually make you stick out like a sore thumb in a not so good way? Like if it will make you look more formal than you actually want to? Well, this is why we now have polos, or collared shirts. 😀 Now I have to admit that my collection of polos isn’t all that good, which is why I’m going to be updating that soon. XD But for now, here are some of mine.

the quirky man project noel salazar

Obviously, it’s orange. It’s from Giordano, and so definitely, it’s something nice to wear. 😀

the quirky man project noel salazar

I have no idea what the brand is with this one, to be honest, but any basic black collared shirt goes great in my book. Since it’s black, you’ll look thinner, and if you can look casual and a little bit more formal at the same time. 😀

Since I’m thinking of shopping to add to my tops, I did browse to find stuff, and aside from the brands I’ve mentioned, I’m also thinking about looking at Bershka, Old Navy… and I did find on the Internet ZALORA. Why ZALORA? Because ZALORA offers a wide variety of polo shirts for men, as in I wasn’t really thinking about it, but I was like, wow, so many designs (which I didn’t see in the other stores mentioned, because… I don’t really know why. Haha. XD). And they even have for the button-down too. 😀 And what’s nice is that it’s just one place (online) and you can see the various stuff they’re selling.

So anyway, that’s it about tops with collars. XD Of course, you can’t have a nice complete outfit with just the top… but that’s another story. XD

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