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Singapore 2014, Day 1 and 2

singapore noel salazar travel photos travel tourist orchard road mint museum of toys chinatown suntec annie leibovitz ultraman astroboy the beatles disney flash gordon buck rogers Star Wars Darth Maul Godzilla Popeye Tintin Superman Spider-Man Captain America 8 Man Ultraman

Yay, first blog of 2018! I was supposed to blog about something else, like my shoot for Isidore Watches (which will be coming soon, promise), but… well, I started this year not so great. I started the year questioning a lot of things about my life, like my career, and so many other things. So you know, I just wanted to post something that would make me happy (and hopefully all you readers too ^^). So today’s blog post is…

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Vietnam 2011

vietnam ho chi minh city independence palace notre-dame cathedral basilica noel salazar travel photos

So, this was way back in 2011, during Holy Week I think. Yeah, I already said the 2011 part in the title. XD Anyway, so, before anything else, here’s some advice for you kids… and well, for pretty much everyone in general: when you get a free trip like this (my parents paid for me and my siblings, yay XD), don’t be all jaded like I was. To be fair to me, this trip was on a guided tour basis,…

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Beauty Portraits: Charie

noel salazar rae salazar real makeup artistry portraits makeup the quirky man closeup beauty

Photography | Noel Salazar Makeup | Rae Salazar of REAL Makeup Artistry Charie, or Cha for short, is our friend from the wedding industry. One day, she decided that she wanted to have Rae do makeup on her, and might as well get a shoot while she’s at it. You know, not to waste the makeup or anything. Haha. XD So last August she came over to the office, Rae did her magic, and as for me? Well, I got…

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Philippine Wrestling Revolution presents PWR Live! – From a Quirky Perspective!

noel salazar quirky man project pwr philippine wrestling revolution jake de leon wrestling wrestlers mayhem brannigan jake sebastian bryan leo chris panzer mr. sy bombay suarez royal flush ken warren the apocalypse ralph imabayashi peter versoza sandata mark d. manalo kanto terror

So, last Saturday, August 15 (yesss, complete XD) I had the opportunity to watch a Philippine Wrestling Revolution show at Makati Cinema Square. I was with my friends Juno and Dino. Juno and I attended the wake service of his uncle just that morning, so I guess we were badly in need of something to cheer us up after. And for more good news, my wife was able to join us, because her wedding gig ended early. Yay. 😀 The…

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How about them Nikes? XD

Nike KDs Kevin Durant

First of all, except for the KDs, images are care of Google Images. Thanks Google Images. XD So just yesterday, my wife and I were walking in Greenbelt, and we passed by the Nike store. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn in by the wonderful colors of the shoes. If you have been reading my blog, you’d know I am a shoe addict (but not necessarily a sneaker head, in the sense that I don’t collect sneakers…

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About Tops with Collars!

the quirky man project noel salazar

Hey readers! First of all, happy new year! I know it’s been a while since I last updated the blog. Well, November and December and actually January have been quite whirlwind months. It’s actually just kind of winding down right now, which is why I have the time to update now. Yay! And so the first thing I will write about to start the year is… guess what? About tops with collars. Yep, you read that right. Why about tops…

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Behind the scenes of our Metro Weddings shoot XD


So, we did this for Metro Weddings’ latest issue: But this couldn’t have happened without us all having fun… and have fun we did. XD Just ’cause it’s fun, here are some behind the scenes photos. Hahaha. XD Stylist/art director Nio demos how to pose. XD Our model Samantha in a lighthearted moment. XD Sam hides under her umbrella during a test shot for 2 reasons: to avoid the sun, and to promote the World Wildlife Fund. XD Hairstylist Archie…

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We got stuck in the sand at Bangui Windmills! @_@


Hey! How are you guys? XD Been so busy these past few months that I have not had time to blog. ARGH. That’s so hard when it’s supposed to be part of my job too. Haha. XD Anyway, so sharing a recent experience last month, when Rae and I were in Ilocos Norte with our clients Vince and Michelle to shoot their prenup. After we got our long-awaited soft biscocho at Pasuquin (long story XD) we arrived at Bangui to…

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Thoughts about cliff-diving at Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor


Cliff-diving (or cliff jumping rather, because I don’t know how to dive) has never really been on my bucket list… oh wait, I don’t have a bucket list. XD To put it simply, I never really thought about jumping off a cliff until I was actually there in Salagdoong Beach and I saw a bunch of people jumping off the cliff. If you were at the beach, and kind of far away, you would think that the drop wasn’t that…

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