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Vietnam 2011

vietnam ho chi minh city independence palace notre-dame cathedral basilica noel salazar travel photos

So, this was way back in 2011, during Holy Week I think. Yeah, I already said the 2011 part in the title. XD Anyway, so, before anything else, here’s some advice for you kids… and well, for pretty much everyone in general: when you get a free trip like this (my parents paid for me and my siblings, yay XD), don’t be all jaded like I was. To be fair to me, this trip was on a guided tour basis,…

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So we went to Shanghai… XD

shanghai china quirky man project noel salazar rae venturanza salazar the bund xintiandi starbucks yu yuan gardens takoyaki subway travel

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything on this blog! Haha. XD And because it’s rainy, I felt like going down on a trip to memory lane, and posting our Shanghai trip last 2014. Rae booked these tickets on whim. Well, that, and because it was only $160-ish(!!!) for the two of us, round trip. Awesome right ? 😀 But wait, there’s more! Our hotel in Shanghai was only less than $120 for 4 nights! So cheap!…

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Behind the scenes of our Metro Weddings shoot XD


So, we did this for Metro Weddings’ latest issue: But this couldn’t have happened without us all having fun… and have fun we did. XD Just ’cause it’s fun, here are some behind the scenes photos. Hahaha. XD Stylist/art director Nio demos how to pose. XD Our model Samantha in a lighthearted moment. XD Sam hides under her umbrella during a test shot for 2 reasons: to avoid the sun, and to promote the World Wildlife Fund. XD Hairstylist Archie…

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We got stuck in the sand at Bangui Windmills! @_@


Hey! How are you guys? XD Been so busy these past few months that I have not had time to blog. ARGH. That’s so hard when it’s supposed to be part of my job too. Haha. XD Anyway, so sharing a recent experience last month, when Rae and I were in Ilocos Norte with our clients Vince and Michelle to shoot their prenup. After we got our long-awaited soft biscocho at Pasuquin (long story XD) we arrived at Bangui to…

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Thoughts about cliff-diving at Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor


Cliff-diving (or cliff jumping rather, because I don’t know how to dive) has never really been on my bucket list… oh wait, I don’t have a bucket list. XD To put it simply, I never really thought about jumping off a cliff until I was actually there in Salagdoong Beach and I saw a bunch of people jumping off the cliff. If you were at the beach, and kind of far away, you would think that the drop wasn’t that…

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