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Behind the scenes of our Metro Weddings shoot XD


So, we did this for Metro Weddings’ latest issue: But this couldn’t have happened without us all having fun… and have fun we did. XD Just ’cause it’s fun, here are some behind the scenes photos. Hahaha. XD Stylist/art director Nio demos how to pose. XD Our model Samantha in a lighthearted moment. XD Sam hides under her umbrella during a test shot for 2 reasons: to avoid the sun, and to promote the World Wildlife Fund. XD Hairstylist Archie…

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We got stuck in the sand at Bangui Windmills! @_@


Hey! How are you guys? XD Been so busy these past few months that I have not had time to blog. ARGH. That’s so hard when it’s supposed to be part of my job too. Haha. XD Anyway, so sharing a recent experience last month, when Rae and I were in Ilocos Norte with our clients Vince and Michelle to shoot their prenup. After we got our long-awaited soft biscocho at Pasuquin (long story XD) we arrived at Bangui to…

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We are on Metro Weddings this July 2014! :D

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Yes, you read that right! 😀 We are on this month’s issue of Metro Weddings! 😀 And here are some shots that didn’t make it into the magazine, but are still awesome: What are you waiting for? 😀 Go buy one an issue now! Oh, and check out the blog post on Quirky Creatives regarding this. 😀…

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Two Gardens Tagaytay Shoot is up on Quirky Creatives :D


Photography | Quirky Creatives Make-up | Rae Venturanza-Salazar, using Girlactik and Chacot Hair | Frankie Chavez III Styling | Nio Manzano Gowns | Jor-El Espina Menswear | Ulysses King Accessories | Ken Samudio Shoes | Nereku Models | Rodina Luspo and Emerald Villahermosa of Cal Carries Model/Miguel Lasala of PMAP/Marvin de Alban of Mint Models, New York Shoot Location | Two Gardens Tagaytay Special thanks to Lot Ito, Angelo Falconi III, and Cicis Jimenez Here’s a little teaser(s). 😀 Go…

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Casa Domingo – a new place to shoot in the South! :D


In case you’re looking for a new pre-nup venue, and your theme might be related to say Filipiniana or something colonial Spanish or something, this place might be for you. 😀 We just shot here recently, and… well actually, we shot here last 2009. If you remember JD and Michelle’s wedding, well yes, this is the same place. 😀 It’s now open for you too! They’ve actually had movie shootings in here, and yes, they’re now accommodating pre-nups too. 😀…

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