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How about them Nikes? XD

Nike KDs Kevin Durant

First of all, except for the KDs, images are care of Google Images. Thanks Google Images. XD

So just yesterday, my wife and I were walking in Greenbelt, and we passed by the Nike store. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn in by the wonderful colors of the shoes. If you have been reading my blog, you’d know I am a shoe addict (but not necessarily a sneaker head, in the sense that I don’t collect sneakers for a collection), so I like checking out shoes (for example, I like browsing the wide collection of shoes from Nike online at Zalora Philippines), and well, marking stuff for future purchases. Luckily for my wife (XD), I wasn’t really in a shopping mood; I just wanted to look at the shoes. Well actually, I wanted to look at the cleats too, since I’ve been joining rugby lately. Not the sniffing kind, the sports kind. XD More on that soon, I hope. XD

Anyway, since I was in Nike, it got me reminiscing now. Nikes have always been popular even back when I was young (I’m still young, haha :P), and although I do have only one pair now:

Nike KDs Kevin Durant

Remember my KDs? XD Anyway, going back to the topic, it just got me remembering all those Nikes that were popular (that I remember) back when I was growing up… and may probably still be popular now. XD

Remember the Cortez?

Nike cortez

I forgot when this was popular… I think back when I was in high school. Having no money back then, I remember that I went to Greenhills to cop a pair… of the fake ones. XD Yup, if you’re in the Philippines and you want them fake goods? Go to Greenhills. XD Anyway, the shoes were that popular. And hey, these served me well. I could use them for dressing up (with my then-limited sense of fashion XD), used them during arnis tournaments, and whatever, and they didn’t get wrecked. I forgot where I put them though, or why they finally disappeared. Oh well. XD

Another popular one was the Presto.

Nike presto

I bought into this trend. I forgot how, but most likely my mom bought me a pair I liked… Remembering it now, I decided that I don’t like the color. It was grey, and… just… it sucks now. Hey, I love colors now. XD I think this was back in high school too. Hehe. XD Practically everybody had one. And hey, Nike is bringing it back… well, I read it somewhere that they were bringing back the Prestos, and the news was welcomed with general excitement. I guess my generation really loved them Prestos. XD

Another one that was really over with people were the Air Force Ones.

Nike air force one

I think the rapper Nelly here really helped with this one with his song. XD And if you do remember in the millennium era, hiphop was really big then, so a lot of people bought this. Sorry, I am reconstructing all this via my memory. Which is not perfect. XD But anyway, I do remember I didn’t buy this kind.

Lately, I have been noticing that one really popular style of Nike is the Airmax.

Nike Airmax

I asked my friend who had a pair why it was so popular, and he basically said that it was because it was comfortable. And I guess because of the different colors, it appeals to a lot of people. Works for me. XD If I find a pair with the color I like (ahem orange ahem), I might cop a pair. XD Might because, you know, you CAN have too many shoes. XD

And of course, one of the most popular ever are the Jordans.


I’m not surprised, because Michael Jordan is considered the best basketball player of all time, and to have his shoes means something. Heck, I just read on Wikipedia that people actually killed for his shoes back then. Whoa right? I didn’t buy a pair either, because one, I didn’t really like the colors; two, I am not a basketball player; and three, I kind of find it hard to wear with my fashions now. I don’t know how to accessorise or wear the shoes haha. XD

I wonder what kind of Nike shoes next will be popular. Well, we’ll find out eventually. XD And hey, if it’s colorful and fits my style, I’d probably be one of the people to buy a pair. XD In the meantime, if I see a nice pair of Airmax, or maybe cleats… as long as I’m on shopping mode of course. Or if the wife lets me. XD

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