Thoughts about cliff-diving at Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor

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Yep, that’s me (my back actually XD) back in April jumping from a thirty foot(?) high cliff at Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor. Taken with a GoPro.

Cliff-diving (or cliff jumping rather, because I don’t know how to dive) has never really been on my bucket list… oh wait, I don’t have a bucket list. XD To put it simply, I never really thought about jumping off a cliff until I was actually there in Salagdoong Beach and I saw a bunch of people jumping off the cliff.

If you were at the beach, and kind of far away, you would think that the drop wasn’t that big of a deal. But once you’re at the top, it’s a whole different ballgame. It’s freaking SCARY. But of course, to the locals, it was nothing. They would even dive HEADFIRST, or do BACKFLIPS.

At first, I didn’t plan on jumping off the 30 foot cliff. I was happy with the 20 foot one. XD It was less scary… and less height off the bottom. So after I handed my wedding ring to my wife for safekeeping (I’m kind of paranoid now regarding losing my wedding ring… more on that soon XD), I took the leap. How did it feel like, you ask? Well, as I described it to Rae after she asked me how it was when I got out off the water, it literally felt like I got violated in my butt. I don’t know why, because it’s not like I landed butt first or something. XD Oh, and it also felt like I went through some hazing. And of course a bunch of salt water drove up my nose, making me choke. But it also felt really AWESOME. Maybe it was this great sense of accomplishment. XD

After letting my butt recover for a while, I decided to try the 30 foot cliff. It’s funny because people told me I just looked at the cliff, then without any hesitation, jumped. I actually didn’t want to think about it, because the longer I took, the possibility of me jumping would be lower. XD The results were pretty much the same, except that I felt like it was taking too long. I was literally thinking, “When am I going to hit the water? It’s taking soooooooooo long.” And then impact… which was WAY STRONGER at this point. But I felt good after doing it. At least I didn’t chicken out, and I can actually say I did it. Now I’m looking forward to doing more cliff jumps whenever there’s an opportunity. ^^

Any tips for cliff jumping, you ask? Well, as I mentioned earlier, don’t think about it for too long, because you’ll end up psyching yourself out. Also, try keeping your body as straight as possible, so that you don’t really feel the impact on your butt, or worse, if you’re a guy, between your legs. If you know what I mean. ^^

Happy cliff diving! 🙂

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